At DIRT RICH LIFE, our social mission is to use our programs, products, and resources to help as many individuals reach their financial goals:

Our Urban Land Investment Coaching Program is the most comprehensive and affordable step-by-step urban land investment training program on the market! Dirt Rich Life programs have absolutely no competition and produces some of the highest returns in the real estate industry!

We appreciate your interest in becoming an influencer & affiliate program partner so we can reach and serve more individuals and elevate the overall success of people reaching their financial goals more quickly than they thought possible!

We have established Dirt Rich Life’s influencer & affiliate partner program to create a win-win-win for you, Dirt Rich Life and your network or community. Here is how:

You Win

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You win by having an opportunity to earn generous affiliate commissions when you refer people to both our Urban Land Investing Group Coaching and Urban Land Development Elite Mastermind Programs.

Dirt Rich Life Wins

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Dirt Rich Life wins by serving your network or community, people who we may not otherwise have reached.

Your community or network wins

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The people you refer win by getting the programs, products, and resources we provide so they can achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Who can apply to become a


We’re excited you are considering becoming one of our influencer & affiliate program partners.

Everyone is welcome to apply to join our influencer & affiliate partner program as long as you use ethical marketing methods to promote our programs. Anyone who uses unethical marketing (such as sending unsolicited emails, i.e., spam) will be immediately removed from our influencer & affiliate partner program.

The great thing about influencer & affiliate marketing is that it’s so accessible. If you have an audience or can build one, you can earn commissions through Dirt Rich Life’s influencer & affiliate partner program. Generally, its ideal to promote both our Urban Land Investing Group Coaching and Urban Land Development Elite Mastermind Programs in one of four ways:

Of all the options listed, a webinar is probably the best way to market an affiliate deal. On a well-managed webinar, you can expect conversion rates of 10% or more. Email marketing is probably the next most effective channel. You might get a conversion rate of between 5-10% for warm traffic.

Promoting an affiliate link through a blog post or social media. Here you’re generally dealing with a conversion rate of 0.1%-3%. This is because there is little incentive for the person to use your affiliate link. Moreover, many people visiting your site, watching a video, or whatever, will be engaging with you for the first time.

How do I get paid?

You’ll receive your commissions via Paypal approximately 30 days after the referral’s purchase date. Our shopping cart system does all the work and keeps track of the details through your affiliate link. It could not be easier! We love paying affiliate commissions and we’re grateful when you refer people to Dirt Rich Life.

What else should you know?

We pay affiliate commissions on our online training programs, products and resources. We do not pay affiliate commissions on private 1-1 coaching. Affiliate fees are not applicable on any products or programs you purchase.

Getting Started

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To join the Influencer & Affiliate Partner Program, simply fill out the form below and you will be guided through everything you need to know to begin earning influencer & affiliate commissions. We genuinely appreciate your partnership in helping us achieve our goal of reaching more people who want to achieve their financial goals and dreams!

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Once approved, Dirt Rich Life will send you your relevant affiliate link and a link where you can access banners to place on your website, as well as view your organization's stats and tools.


Market your influencer & affiliate link to your network and community on a blog post, video, webinar, podcast or social media.

Earn Money

At the end of each month, you'll receive a 20% commission check when your website generated sales. You can also see real-time sales and earnings 24/7 in our secure partner portal.

  • Land Investment Group Coaching Program - $4,995 = $999 commission
  • Land Development Elite Mastermind - $9,995 = $1999 commission

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